Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school in Austin wanted to take their 6th grade students on a fun field trip at the end of the school year. There were 4 different 6th grade classes with 25 students each, totaling 100 students needing transportation. The school decided to rent charter buses to handle the large group size and provide a comfortable ride with A/C. They booked two 56-passenger charter buses for the day at a rate of $140/hour each. The total trip time needed was 8 hours to allow for travel and a full zoo experience. So the total cost for the two charter bus rentals was $140 x 8 hours x 2 buses = $2,240. With 100 students split between the two buses, it came out to only $22 per student for safe, reliable transportation. The school added an extra 7% tip for the drivers, bringing the grand total for their Austin charter bus rentals to $2,397.20. It was an affordable way to end the year on a high note!

Example #2:

A tech startup in Austin is planning their annual company retreat. They want to treat their employees to a fun day exploring the city. The event planner books a 56-passenger charter bus to pick up the group from their office downtown and take them around to different Austin landmarks. They create an itinerary hitting must-see spots like the State Capitol, Zilker Park, and Rainey Street. The charter bus rental is booked for 8 hours to allow plenty of time. With a rate of $140 per hour, their total Austin charter bus rental cost comes to $1,120. The employees have a fantastic time checking out the sights of Austin together. At the end of the day, the event planner tips the exceptional charter bus driver 10% for providing smooth transportation and keeping everyone on schedule. That brings their grand total for the Austin corporate charter bus to $1,232. It was money well spent for a memorable company retreat exploring the city.

Example #3:

A girls soccer team from Round Rock is traveling to Austin for a weekend tournament. The coach books transportation for the team of 18 players plus himself to get to and from games at various fields around the city. He decides to book a 25 passenger charter bus for the convenience of keeping the team together. The total rental time needed is 14 hours – 2 hours on Friday for a practice, 8 hours on Saturday for games, and 4 hours on Sunday for the final matches. At a rate of $125 per hour, their Austin charter bus rental costs $1,750 for the weekend. With the large charter bus, the cost per person is only about $93 for safe, comfortable transportation. The coach tips the exceptional charter bus driver 10% at $175 for providing excellent service to the team all weekend. Renting the charter bus takes the hassle out of coordinating multiple vehicles and gets the team to their games on time.

Example #4:

A group of friends planned a bachelorette party in Austin for a weekend getaway before one of the girls was getting married. They wanted to visit some of Austin’s best bars and restaurants for a fun night out on the town. To keep things safe and make transportation easy, they decided to rent a party bus for the night. They chose a 20 passenger party bus and booked it for 10 hours from 6pm to 4am to have plenty of time to hit all the hot spots. The total for their Austin party bus came out to $1,650. This covered pickup and dropoff at their hotel, a personal bartender on board, and a professional chauffeur to drive them around Austin’s bar district safely. They added an 18% tip at the end of the night for exemplary service, bringing their total party bus rental cost to around $1,947. Split between the 10 girls, it came out to only $195 each for a night out they’d always remember.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Austin with the ceremony at a historic chapel downtown and the reception at a scenic ranch venue outside the city. With over 100 guests attending from out of town, coordinating transportation is crucial. The couple decides to book a 56-passenger charter bus to shuttle guests between the ceremony and reception. They are quoted $150 per hour, booking the bus for 5 hours total from 2pm when the ceremony starts until 7pm when the reception ends. With a buffer built in for traffic or delays, the total comes to $750. The charter bus features leather seats, TVs, WiFi and a bathroom to keep guests comfortable on the 30 minute drive each way. To show their appreciation for the driver’s work, the couple tips 10% or $75. Altogether their Austin charter bus rental for their wedding day transportation comes to $825, keeping their guests together and on schedule.

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